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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stong Winds and Fast Times at the Malibu Downwinder



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Eric Abbott


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Strong Winds and Fast Times at the Malibu Downwinder

Malibu Ca, May 9, 2010- The 2010 Malibu Downwinder paddleboard race lived up to the hype of being a premiere California downwind race. The local knowledge by race director Gary Fortune to run the event later in the afternoon, allowed for the California winds to build throughout the day. As a result, by 11 o’clock, the Honolua Flags planted at the finish line at Leo Carrillo Beach Park, began flapping in the wind, a welcomed sign by all paddlers. “We were pleased to see the flags blowing in a northwest direction so early in the afternoon,” Fortune commented. Yesterday’s raced marked the seventh consecutive year of running the Malibu Downwinder event, and many veteran competitors argued that these were the best conditions yet. Strong winds and consistent bumps allowed for Vertra Sunscreen’s Hawaii paddleboarding team Mikey Coté and Eric Abbott, to have podium finishes in the Unlimited and Stock divisions.

The 2009 reigning Molokai world champion and current record holder in the stock division, proved in yesterdays Malibu Downwinder, why he is considered to be amongst the elite in downwind surfing ability. Jumping out to an early lead, Coté found himself at home, surfing his way to victory in small, but consistent two-foot wind swells. “You never know the conditions you will race in, while in California,” Coté explained, “I was just stoked to see those flags flapping hard hours before the start.” Mikey finished the course in one hour and eleven minutes.

There were many speculations amongst the race director and the spectator crowd, if Coté had indeed set a new course record for the Malibu Downwinder event. “These were the best conditions we have had since the inaugural race seven years ago,” race director Fortune commented after the event. Fortune and other race officials, looked back into race results for the past seven years to compare the winning paddleboarding times. Coté’s time came close to setting the record, but the time set in the inaugural race was a mere seconds ahead of Coté’s finishing time. This marks Coté’s second win in the Malibu Downwinder event, and the second time his name will appear on the perpetual trophy. “It was a successful trip across the pacific,” Coté mentioned. “I also got a chance to talk and meet with Joe Bark again, and dial in my Molokai Unlimited paddleboard for this years crossing. I am looking forward to giving the unlimited board a good run in the channel this year,” says Coté.

This year’s event ran smoothly and provided paddlers with a windy competition. “With great sponsors helping out like Honolua, Vertra sunscreen, Primo Beer, and ZJ Boarding house, it makes for a successful and fun event,” Fortune added. The small shore break coming into the finish, supplied spectators and competitors at Leo Carrillo Beach Park with entertainment as paddlers were wiped out by waves while trying to make their way to the finish line.

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