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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lauren Bartlett is back in the Kaiwi Channel...Again!



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Lauren Bartlett is back in the Kaiwi Channel…Again!

Image by Stephanie Brown

Honolulu Hi, May 13th, 2010- The 34th annual Molokai to Oahu surfski channel crossing is set for this Sunday, May 16th. The history of this channel dates back to one paddler crossing the channel in 1976, to over a hundred competitors in the 2009 EPIC championships. Vertra Sunscreen’s Lauren Bartlett one of the most decorated Hawaiian paddlers, is back in the channel again for this years crossing paddling on an EPIC V10L surfski.

Lauren Bartlett is about to call the Kaiwi channel her new home. This will be Bartlett’s third channel crossing in four weeks. After winning the 2010 Molokai to Oahu OC1 world champions in late March, and the Kaiwi Channel OC1 relay with partner Andrea Moller two weeks ago, Bartlett will gear up for another 32 mile solo crossing. This time she will be loosing the ama and gaining a double sided paddle as she prepares for the EPIC Molokai Championships.

Barlett who is known for her skill and paddling ability in the OC1, is no slouch when is comes to paddling in the surfski. After a successful career on the United States Olympic kayaking team and representing the USA at Athens in 2004, Bartlett has continued her success on the surfski at home in Hawaii and abroad at some of the surfski world cup events. Bartlett won the EPIC solo in 2008 and placed third in 2009, and is looking at coming back strong again in this years crossing. With favorable 15-20 mph winds forecasted, Bartlett will find these conditions more favorable than last years flat channel. “The Molokai Channel is about big swells and strong gusting winds. And as of right now, that looks like what we are going to get- I’m excited” Bartlett commented. Paddlers, who can harness the speed from the ocean swells, will find success in the Kaiwi channel crossings.

The EPIC Solo will depart Kalua Koi Hotel on Molokai and end inside Moanalua Bay on Oahu. The top male competitors will be arriving about 3.5 hours after the 11am start as well as the top female competitors about 4.5 hours after the start. The finish will be at the bathhouse outside of Koko Marina.

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