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Proper Suncare, is proper Skincare, and to take proper care of your skin, you have to take the enitre process seriously. When we Started Vertra Elemental Resistance in 2004, we vowed to do just that, to make a serious push and bring skincare awareness to the forefront of our market because until now, it has basically been a category that has been mostly taken for granted. Our Athletes that participate in the paddlesports industry are amongst the most prolific candidates to suffer from sunburn, skin damage, photo-aging and unfortunately in many cases, skin cancer. SIMPLY PUT, quality suncare products for people like us are not an accessory, but a necessity!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Quiksilver Tahoe Nalu Standup Paddle Race


Keoni Watson

Eric Abbott

Vertra’s Paddlesports Marketing


The 2010 Tahoe Nalu SUP race kicks off this weekend with two days of elite and recreational paddling. With over 600 Paddlers expected to participate and race in this years event, the competition is forecasted to be tough. Vertra's Standup team will be present at this years event. Amongst these competitors is the 2010 Hawaii Battle of the Paddle Champion and Vertra's own Danny Ching. Fellow teammates competing will be the young Matt Becker, who took 10th overall in the this years Hawaii BOP and John Becker. These athletes are a force to be reckon with, and will be amongst the leaders in the races to follow this weekend!

Matt Becker

Danny Ching

For any additional information regarding Vertra Sunscreen, dealer locations or the Vertra Paddlesports team, Contact: Eric Abbot at: wailupeabbott@gmail.com. Or visit us on facebook at www.facebook.com/vertrapaddlesports

Vertra Sunscreen embodies the characteristics of being a quality, innovative and stylish product. Our superior line of sun resistant products carries the full endorsement of the Hawaii Lifeguard Association in addition to all our products bare the Skin Caner Foundation Official Seal of Recommendation. We have developed, formulated, and manufactured a product with superior ingredients in a designer quality fashion…we would not settle for anything less!

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