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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Team Vertra takes 2 of 3 paddleboard divisions - Abbott, Duncan-Seraphin win “Molokai”



Keoni Watson

Vertra’s Paddlesports Marketing


Team Vertra takes 2 of 3 paddleboard divisions - Abbott, Duncan-Seraphin win “Molokai”

Eric Abbott Mid Channel

Honolulu, Hi (August, 4th 2010) Hawaiian paddlers Eric Abbott and Kanesa Duncan-Seraphin dominated their respective divisions at the Molokai 2 Oahu paddleboard race last weekend. The 32-mile course across the Kaiwi Channel is considered the World Championships of paddleboarding and two of Hawaii’s finest came up big against the international field.

After winning the Soljah-Primo Challenge, the 17 mile Cline Mann Memorial race, and the Maui International in the weeks leading up to Molokai, Eric was definitely the favorite to win the stock (12 foot, no rudder) division in Molokai. The field was definitely stacked with Shane Scoggins entered, who ran the table in California this year, but it just was tough to bet against Abbott. He came through despite all the pressure and not only smashed the next stock paddler by 9 minutes, turned in one of the best times in the race’s history. “It’s a great honor to keep the stock crown in Hawaii,” Eric commented after the race. “This race encompasses a lot of tradition, and to have my name next to guys like Cote, Watson, Pere and Monahan is truly an honor.”

The solo stock class is about as burly as it gets - ask a cross section of paddlers from all racing disciplines and you will hear this listed as the most demanding way to cross this channel. Although stockers don’t garner the fanfare, the paddlers know the Molokai Stock is one of the most coveted titles this sport has to offer.

Every year, the question surrounding Kanesa is not only if she will win the women’s division, but also how much of the men’s field she is going to take down in the process. This year was no different as she delivered her 8th title and finished in front of a good deal of the men and even 2 man teams. “We are so proud of Kanesa” – Vertra President Bobby Higa said at the finish, “every year we hear her name called as she paddles the final stretch and it is just unbelievable when you think of what big names haven’t come in yet. She is truly an inspiration to women in all aspects of water sports”.

In addition to the two paddleboard titles, Vertra athletes accounted for half of the top 8 in the unlimited paddleboard class including a 2nd place overall by Singapore’s Jackson English and 4th place by Mikey Cote. It was the Australia-born Jackson’s 2nd runner up finish in 3 years and Mikey shocked the field as the first Hawaiian finisher in the unlimited division after winning stock the previous 2 years. “I had an interesting year getting equipment dialed in and making the adjustment to the stroke on the longer board” Mikey admitted. “I left it all out in the channel today and I’m ecstatic It all came together in the most important race of the year”.

There were also some incredible performances by Vertra athletes in the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) division as well. Hawaii’s Scott Gamble finished with a podium spot at 3rd and turned in the 4th fastest time overall Sunday.

But probably the most inspirational performance of the day was from 12 year old Riggs Napoleon who earned the distinction of being the youngest person to ever paddle any craft across the Kaiwi channel. “What Riggs did today was truly shocking, but when you think about his grandfather Nappy’s 53 consecutive crossings in the Molokai 6 man canoe race, and his dad Aaron’s staggering body of work he has compiled on all types of watercraft, you realize that this kid has a unique set of genes and that we are going to be hearing his name for a long time” said Vertra’s Marketing Director Keoni Watson

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